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She might have caught that bug!

I did some reading last night and today ...
Book #76 - Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey - The 2nd in the Dragonriders of Pern series. This is one that I haven't read in AGES and it was so satisfying. Dragons. Riders. Thread. A great, thrilling adventure to the Red Star. *sigh* I'm pretty sure I'm in the mood to read the entire series right this moment. That said ...

Book #77 - Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey - The first in the Harper Hall trilogy, this one takes place in roughly the middle of the events of Dragonquest (hence, I read it now instead of reading the next in the DoP series. It all makes sense somehow.). This book follows Menolly amid all her adventures.

Alright. I'm planning on watching another ep or two of Wonderfalls. Why? Because that's the way I roll.