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TW-Gwen-Tough day

Are you lost in the Pit of Despair?

Today was one of those excruciatingly long days at work. I was nearly convinced that it wasn't going to end. Yet it did. *sigh*

I think my mom and i are going to walk through the house on Thursday (my day off). Hopefully, they've tiled everything and we can see if what we chose looks as awesome as I think it's going to look. Whoo-hoo.

I'm torn between finishing up my latest book (PERN, YAY!) or watching a few more episodes of Wonderfalls. TORN. I think I'm leaning toward the book simply because it's so damn good. But ... but. Maybe I'll read for an hour and then watch an episode or two before bed. See? That works. I am such the master planner. (Which is kinda like Master Computer but with less neon. Ooooh! Tron reference!)

I'm done.
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Yeah, my mind was starting to wander into the gutter with all this "Master ... " this and "Master ... " that.

Hahahahaha! I completely WIN! Speaking of which, I tried to watch Tron earlier this year and it really isn't as good as I remembered as a kid. Master computer. Ha!

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