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Stock-Tea is my drink

A sandstorm is brewing ...

I decided to cancel moon-spun. *sigh* Ever since the great crash of '08 I haven't even had access to the program I used to use to upload to it, so it hasn't been updated since last October. I just started thinking that it was such a waste of money when the only thing I'm really using it for is to host my moodtheme.

So, there you have it. The domain is active through the end of the month and then it goes away forever. It's almost a relief to have made a decision.

All I did today (besides the above) was watch Wonderfalls. That is a rather delightfully quirky show. Too bad it only had 13 episodes. I've watched through ep 9 and I'm already dreading when I reach the end. *sigh* FOUR MORE TO GO!

The fam came home today and Hailey and Cole are already at each other's throats. I'm ready to boot both of them off to the coal mine for rehabilitation. Do you think it'll do any good? I don't. Seriously, they need to stop yelling at each other and being incredibly annoying. I'm tired of being afraid to leave the two of them in the same room.

I'm done now.

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aw it must be tough. i dont want to think about when i have to let go of my domains >.

It was a hard decision to make, but I'm happy that I've decided to do it.

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