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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

Hardly a day goes by ...

I've straightened up the house a bit for tomorrow's get-together with jenah, kimbrchick and malkovich03. I'd also berate Kim and Mal for not emailing me back but I figure that it's a lost cause since they probably won't read this between now and tomorrow. :) Mal has also stopped returning phone calls. Again. She's giving me a complex. *g* Not really. I'm pretty self-assured and confident.

Okay. I had one of THOSE DAYS at work. You know how those are. First, my opening manager texted me that she was sick and asked if I could open for her. I picked up the text around 7:20. In order to be at work on time to get it open I have to leave no later than 7:45. Normally I could do it with no sweat but I happened to have just put Cole in the shower. I told Cole to shower quickly, threw his stuff in his backpack, and loaded us into the car moments before 7:40. Whew! Poor kid. I didn't even feed him breakfast this morning. :( I did manage to make it on time but I felt rushed through the entire morning. I felt like I was running around like a crazy woman.

But my crazy day doesn't end there. After everything had calmed down, I had to talk to a customer about some boring bank stuff. I actually made this older lady cry. I still can't quite figure out what I did to make her burst out sobbing. Needless to say I was completely caught off guard and just kinda stood there staring at her for a minute or two. Score one for the manager who makes an old lady cry!

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, but those two things really threw me off my game. You know what I'm saying? Oh, on the plus side, I left work on time, traffic wasn't bad and I was home by 5:20. Not too shabby.

Alright. I think I'm done now. Later!

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oh i didn't know i was supposed to email you back... also my phone is doing that thing again. i think i'm going to take it back to verizon and trade it in. it doesn't seem to want to take the updated software.

i just saw 'stepbrothers' it was awesome! 'it's the fucking catalina wine mixer!'

Technically, you didn't have to email me back. I just wasn't sure if you were coming and since your phone was acting up and not giving you my messages ... I just wanted an excuse to pick on you. :)

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