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C'mon, pinhead!

Some people *cough*oddmonster*cough* might be pleased to hear that I did not read a book today. Awesome.

Totally off topic - Could someone explain the allure of those gladiator sandals? I just don't get them. All those celebrities that are wearing them ... yuckers.

With everyone but Cole gone for the rest of the week, I find myself enjoying coming home to a nice, quiet house. Now, I'm not saying that I'd like it ALL THE TIME, but it's fun at the moment. Also, I have to remind myself not to read scary zombie books when everyone's gone. That leads to creepy zombie dreams. And creepy zombies eating me. I like my fingers and toes attached to me, not dangling from some half-dead guy's mouth. True story.

Cole and the boys from next door are playing the X-Box in the living room. They're getting very, very loud. I might need to break that up soon. Word.

I'm done.

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i dont get gladiator sandals either. i've seen girls wearing the really flat ones with the ties ups going all the way up their calves. it looks horrible!

Thank you! I feel vindicated now!

(Deleted comment)
*sigh* I'm not in San Diego. But I did feast on some flesh yesterday. We barbecued it. It was delicious.

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