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SGA-Looking Upwards

They think deep thoughts ...

Here's the lowdown ... My internet connection died yesterday evening. That means that I didn't get to mention that my darling niece turned 5. Happy Birthday, Hailey! It was also my other sister's birthday! Happy Birthday, Tracy!

Being internet free did let me finish my book ...
Book #70 - Eye of the Beholder by Jayne Ann Krentz - This was another re-read. I also didn't remember anything about the mystery itself. Even up to the end. Hmm. It was fun, but not earth shattering. And there you have it.

So, since yesterday was Hailey's birthday, today we had her birthday party. We have a jump house! I jumped in it! And didn't kill myself. Word! The people really need to come and pick it up at this point because I'm getting a little tired of listening to the pump run. BUT I JUMPED IN IT! Hahahahahaha! We also had a pinata (candy!) and cake and pizza. Good times. I sat in my new chairs and talked to my grandma for a big chunk of the day. I am extremely thankful that it's not 100+ degrees this weekend. That would have made this unbearable.

Cole's spending the night at his dad's tonight. My mom and I are heading out to Concord tomorrow to look at some furniture and there was no way I was taking the boy. Hence, he's staying at his dad's. Cool. Since Cole's not here, Hailey decided that she wanted to watch a movie with me. Okay. She chose The Wizard of OZ. She put it in the DVD player and disappeared to do other stuff. Does that mean that I turn it off? No. No, it doesn't. It means that I've watched the entire movie by myself. Ha.

Okay. I'm done.

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(Deleted comment)
the wiz? i didn't know that you and pitt used to be gay.

Oh, zing, zing, zing, zing, zing! Hahahahahaha!

Yep, 5 years. I had totally forgotten about that. Good times, good times.

I thought Dr Horrible was very good. Very Whedon-esque. Excellent.

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