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Lost-Sawyer- F!

When you see the new day ...

I did some major listing on eBay this evening. All my Buffy comics. *wipes brow* It was exhausting. I think I had to revise some of those listing a couple of times because I kept putting crazy info in there.

It's still freaking hot. I CANNOT wait until we move into our new, air-conditioned house. Can.Not.Wait.

Speaking of which, my mom and Cole and I stopped by the place today and Cole got to walk through it for the first time. We have a picture of him standing in his closet. He was cute in his hard hat. The house still looked the same as the last time. I was hoping they'd have the tile or linoleum in, but the sales agent said it would probably be another week or two before that got done on our unit. *sigh* Sometimes it's hard to wait.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. Read? Maybe. I haven't read a book in the last two days. Sounds good. It's a plan. Word.

I'm out.
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If you want to talk about waiting for a house to be built ...
When I first got a house, I had to stay in a motel room for two months because they were three months late getting it constructed.
I also had to share the motel room with my brother. Blah.

Oh, that must of sucked. I'm still convinced that they're going to get the house done when it's supposed to be done. Silly of me? Maybe. But I'm holding onto that hope!

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