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Stock-Books-Stack of books


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Stock-Books-Stack of books

I made stuff!

OMG! Nobody have a heart attack! I opened up Photoshop and made wallpapers. I know! I can't believe it either.

Due to my recent obsession with Doctor Who (and Torchwood, but that's another story) these are of my beloved Ten. Yep. Ten! Yay!

*deep breath*

Here goes!

1280x1024 - 1280x800

1280x1024 - 1280x800

Comments are always appreciated.

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OMG! I got about 45 seconds in and couldn't listen anymore. That's ... creepy.

no! listen to the rest of it. it is hilarious!

Oh my god. That was horrible. "If you're psychologically normal" Do people seriously say stuff like that?
"passive-aggressive, you should look that up."

I like when he says, maybe you're not playing games, maybe you have a mother with cancer and you go to chemo

So, what time you going to the movies? Are you going to oakridge? I have to go there tomorrow, I could meet up with you if you want

I'm not sure if we're going tomorrow or Thursday. Call me tomorrow and we'll talk.

I've really been meaning to watch this show.

I love the wallpapers! It has a dreaminess to them. Very nice.

The show is a lot of fun!
Thank you.

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