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Quote-I'm not anti-social

But time? Time cures all things.

Honestly, it's still in the 90's and I've got nothing to do but read. I'm almost embarrassed by all these books. Still ...

Book #64 - Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie - Okay, in my defense, I read really fast and these books are fairly straightforward. You read them and ... I can't justify it any more than that. I liked this one. It was different from the other Hercule Poirot books simply because he was investigating a crime that happened 16 years ago and whom somebody had already been convicted for. It was different. Parts of it were somewhat tedious since it was a retelling of the murder from 5 different points of view, but still ... quite good.

So there you have it. I read a lot today.

I have a hair appointment tomorrow and a ton of errands to run. Mostly, I want to get Cole enrolled in his new school district. That will be a weight off my mind.

I promise not to read another book tonight. I think. I'm thinking I might go with the final 2 eps of Torchwood season 1 so that I can write up a review at blabapalooza. But! One never knows. Maybe I'll set a personal record and read another one. *g*

Don't hate me oddmonster. It's the Agatha Christie books. There's something powerful about them.

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(Deleted comment)
Are you taking this the Aliens route? Because I'll totally bring it! I will!

(Deleted comment)
I'm sorry, are you implying that you can out-quote me on Aliens? Oh! Bring it!

(Deleted comment)
He's coming in here. I feel safer already.

(Deleted comment)
Oh I'm fine. I've given up thinking I can catch a zippy girl like you.

I'm not holding on to any illusions. I figure that you're going to catch me in the months of August and September when I'm moving/getting ready to move.

No baby. July and August are for climbing.

I'm gonna catch you round the holidays, which are my own annual Me vacation.

See, I knew you had a plan! Now I have to build a massive book gulf between us so that your plans for world book domination are thwarted!

Yeah? Yeah? But is it broughten?

Broughten. Well, you win this round. But I shall not be deterred!

Apparently not. 65 and it's only the second week in July? Are you kidding me?

I am not kidding you. It's all part of my diabolical plan! Mwahahahahaha!

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