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Stock-Books-Stack of books


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Stock-Books-Stack of books

Much, much more!

Here's the low-down ... I went to Target this morning and did a good job watching what I bought. I went to Trader Joe's after and also did a good job watching the money out-take. I did some laundry because I don't like to wear stinky clothes or sleep on stinky sheets. I hauled Cole off to a retirement bbq for one of the ladies at work where he had fun and I watched him have fun. I went with my mom to the big-ass Macy's at Valley fair and bought a couch set (sofa bed, love seat and matching chair) for the new house. I watched a season 3 episode of Doctor Who. I watched my eBay auctions end and tried mightily to get some new auctions up. Ultimately I failed at the new auctions and just ended up relisting the ones that didn't sell.


I'm tired now. I missed my nap with all that stuff going on. Actually, I probably could have squeezed a nap in there somewhere but Cole and I had to watch the newest Doctor Who because we're both a wee bit obsessed with the Who at the moment. And I obviously couldn't sleep through the new one because IT'S NEW! It all makes sense to someone.

4 days of work and then vacation. This week is going to feel extremely long, isn't it?

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Are there any pics of the couch on-line to view? I am curious what it looks like.

I added them to my newest post. Yay!

I envy you. I can never survive Target. It's guarantee to broke-me.

Usually I go crazy at Target, so this is new to me. All this money watching. Yikes!

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