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Birthday cupcakes

Hit the showers!

First and foremost ...
Happy Birthday, jenah!

I hope you're having fun on your evening off. Sometimes doing nothing is better than anything else.

Randomly, I work tomorrow. I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week and then I'm on VACATION! Rock on! The best part about this is that I really don't have all that much stuff to get done before my vaca so I can kick back and go with the flow next week. Excellent.

Hopefully my mom and I will be able to run by the furniture store tomorrow after work and take a look at sofa beds. I want a new couch. Because a new house deserves a new couch. Awesome.

I think that's about all.

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(Deleted comment)
We looked at the online catalog for IKEA and, honestly, nothing really caught our attention. So, we're going to look at the furniture store and see if that's more our speed. Word.

Sofa bed? Take one thing into consideration with a sofa bed - try to lift it and see how heavy it is.

My brother and I are always having to be our own movers and there is one piece of furniture we always curse - the sofa bed. It's so freaking heavy.
And no one ever wanted to sleep in the rolled out bed because it was just too uncomfortable, which defeated the purpose of having a sofa bed.

We got the couch for free from our mother, and because I am cheap I even have that couch to this today still.

But if I was faced with the same scenario, I would get a couch first and forget the bed part of it and get a separate bed or cot for guests

For me, IKEA seemed to look good ... on a small scale. Whenever, I walked around the showrooms and saw their example living spaces based on total sqaure feet; the smaller the space, the better it looked.
By the time I got to like under 700 sq ft (apartment efficiency), then it was the only time I looked at it and went "cool!"

The bigger the living space at IKEA, the more I thought "um, I think the 1980s just threw up all over the place here."

One of the issues we're going to run into is the lack of extra space to store another bed. I think that ultimately we're going to get a sofa bed if it fits the look we're going for in this room. Plus, if they hate the bed they can always sleep on the couch itself. :)

Yay cupcake icon!

Also? Go forth and couch, baby.

I shall couch. I shall.
Here's the cupcake icon just for you!

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