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DW-Rose-Look to the side to see it!

He's on his way up here!

Book #58 - Monster Planet by David Wellington - The last in the Monster trilogy, this book takes place 12 years after the epidemic that brought the dead back to life and reduced the living to wandering pockets of humanity. This book tied up a lot of loose ends quite satisfactorily. It was interesting coming back to some of these characters that you thought were dead in the previous book and finding out that they've spent the last 12 years as the undead. Sometimes they had made a place for themselves in the world and sometimes they'd wandered in circles because they only had one foot. Overall, it was a very good zombie romp and it didn't give me many nightmares. Word.

I have tomorrow off. And I have my signing tomorrow. Upgrades, here we come! I hope we actually get to sign tomorrow. That would be nice.

That's all from me!

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You managed to find a severed foot book?

Severed foot. Severed hands. Partially eaten ribs. You name it, this book had it.
Envy me.

Nice. Consider yourself envied.

Also, nice appropriate icon there.

You like that? I thought it added a nice touch of the macabre.

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