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DW-Tardis-Take me away

It's time to change history ...

Ugh. I ended up sleeping for about an hour after work and now my head feels all muzzy.

My re-watch of Doctor Who is going quite well. I've watched all of season 2 and half of season 1. I don't think I've watched the final episodes of season 2 since they aired. I couldn't handle losing Rose. But I've worked through my issues. I'm also caught up on season 4. I'm watching the newest episode as I type. Word.

I'd like to go on record as saying that I like Donna with the Doctor. She's so wonderfully snarky.

I think I'm done now.

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I am going to have agree about Donna.
First time I saw her, I thought "oh no. This can't be good."

But I grew to adore her by the second episode of this season. I think she's wonderful.

I bet you are looking forward for Rose to come back.

Yes, I'm completely looking forward to Rose coming back. Completely. I even uploaded some new Rose icons becasue the 10 or so I have just aren't enough.
Sometimes I think that I need help.

I really like Donna too. I didn't particularly like her in "The Runaway Bride" so I was very hesitant about her return for this year, but she's so much more enjoyable now!

I've been re-watching the show too. I just finished Season 3 and I think I'm going to go ahead and re-watch Season 4 as well, hopefully before the finale. I have a hard time watching the Season 2 finale as well... it just breaks my heart every time. So well done though!

I absolutely agree. I thought Donna was abrasive in The Runaway Bride. I think part of what makes her work as a companion is that she has no romantic attachment to the Doctor. She's just along for the ride. She's there to be a good friend. Something about that just works for me.

I think that after I finish season 1 I'm going to re-watch season 3. I've only watched that one once so it should be fun.

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