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Psych-quote-Venus by Bananarama

You'll want to look at this ...

I had a good day at jenah's with kimbrchick and Cole. Cole and Jenn's son played for hours on end and Kim, Jenn and I watched pilot episodes of various shows. I had a very nice time.

Upon arriving home I found that my stimulus check had arrived. Word! That means that I'm completely not feeling guilty about getting the air conditioning. Completely not. I've also been listing things on eBay and getting ready to list a ton of stuff tomorrow. I am bound and determined to have enough to buy a couch by moving time.

Speaking of saving money (in a round-about way), I'm going to try to not go to Target tomorrow. I need to get my veggies at Trader Joe's, but I'm fairly certain I can skip Target. Excellent. That's $30 I'll save right there.

This is turning into a very boring post. Therefore I'll end it by announcing that I did not stab myself in the finger today. Aren't you all proud of me?


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Oh go YOU! With the not-stabbing!

Some days I impress myself. Word.

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