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Shimmy, shimmy!

I'm way behind on comments and Lego Indy has eaten part of my brain. Just part of it. My sister and her two kids are visiting from one of the Virginias (I can never remember which one) while on their way to their new home in Hawaii (her husband's in the military) and myself and all the kids have been playing Indy all evening. Talk about a good time! And when I say "myself and all the kids have been playing" I really mean "I've been playing while the kids have been watching and shouting out suggestions at the top of their lungs!"

Good times, guys. Good times.

I need to go to bed soon. I have work tomorrow.

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so tonite my little brother turns 21. we are going to california pizza kitchen at 5:30, bowling at 7:30 and then to the pink poodle. fan-friggin-tastic. we might skip the poodle though, i'm not sure i need to see my brother getting a lap dance. and i really don't want to shell out $20 to get in, plus tips when there isn't even alcohol there.

(Deleted comment)
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