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What's this for?

Book #51 - Grave Surprise (Harper Connelly Mystery, Book 2) by Charlaine Harris - I definitely like her Sookie Stackhouse series better, but this one has some quirky and fun points. Harper was hit by lightning as a girl and can now find dead people. It was good but it was one of those 3 hour books. You know how those are.

I got a call on the house we applied for today. We've been completely approved for everything it's just a matter if we can afford the monthly payments. *sigh* Story of our lives, right? I had to ask the loan officer to re-run the numbers for a 3 bedroom townhouse instead of the 2 bedroom they approved us for. One of the reasons we're looking for a new place is so that Cole can have his own room. A 2 bedroom won't accomplish that. That'll just mean that Cole and I will be sharing a bigger room. *big sigh* So, I'm back to waiting.

Yeah. I'm having a complete mental breakdown because of this. No, not a breakdown. More like a complete state of disbelief that buying a house could possibly (maybe!) be in my future. OMG! I need to read another book. That'll take my mind off things.

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(Deleted comment)
why must you always use icons that give me nightmares. geez!

(Deleted comment)
haha, that's just fucked up.

I think you're confused, you were the one who was watching Step Up 2. Remember?

You scare me, you read so fast.

Remember when you're buying that house that you're going to need an entire room just for the books.

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