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Book #48 - Zinnia by Jayne Castle - Technically, I read this yesterday but I had already turned off my computer and didn't feel like turning it back on to add it to my list of books I've read. *nods* oddmonster put the thought in my head about this series. She was asking about it and I was all, Hmm, I haven't read that in a while. I totally should. So I did. See how that works? So, this takes place on the planet of St. Helen. The other series by Jayne Castle that's similar takes place on the planet of Harmony. I was confused at first and thought they were the same planet. Not so. On St. Helen, people have psychic powers. On Harmony, people have psychic powers. On St. Helen, the majority of folks access their psychic powers with the use of a person who is a "focus" and can create psychic prisms to refine and strengthen the psychic talent of the person using them. These focuses do not have a talent of their own other than being able to create these prisms. On Harmony, everybody uses chunks of alien amber tuned to their particular psychic wavelength to focus their power. Everybody has a talent. Now you see the differences between the two. Overall, I liked this book. It was a very, very fast read. Now in it's defense, books I've read before tend to be books I zip through. Thus, I can keep up with my 10 books a month goal and not feel like an utter failure.

By no means is this going to be my only journal today. I just had to get this out there. I'm sure the other bibliophiles on my flist understand.

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See, I had been confused by your original comment, because I thought the Harmony series had been Lydia and Whathisname and Fuzz the Dust Bunny, along with the Ghost Hunter book with the terribly unfortunate cover. And then you were talking about flowers and I was very puzzled.

Also, stop that. I had almost caught up to you.

I've read all the Harmony books, btw. They mention previous characters but for the most part they stand alone.

I won't stop that. ;P

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Sorry, dude. Looking for a different Khan.

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Chaka sends her regards.

It looks like you two don't need me at all. Carry on.

Who are you, again? This is a personal journal, you know.

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Khan-khan? (Cue the French dancehall music).

I know. I know. But I'm getting help.

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Okay dude, you win. Your drugs are way stronger than mine.

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Wait, including "Khan you dig it?"

Oh, I retract my last comment and replace it with "I almost got every reference!"

"Warriors...come out to plaaaaaaay....Warrriors....come out to....plaaa-aaaaaay..."



What? "The Warriors", 1979? Cinematic classic?

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