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Heroes-Claire is just lovely today

Everybody out of my pool!

OMG! I went to bed at 8:30 last night. How sad is that? Super sad. However, I had a really good day today which I can attribute (at least in part) to the many hours of sleep I got. Sleep! Boo-yah!

Did I mention that I've decided to seriously cut back on my coffee consumption? Yeah. Thus far, I've had one frappuccino this week. I am completely rocking this. At least until tomorrow. Or maybe I'll be good and won't have one tomorrow. Word.

Hailey and I had a discussion today about whether there were tigers in any of the Indiana Jones movies. For the record, there aren't.

I think I'm going to start getting Cole settled in for bed. later!

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I can't wait for the sex and the city movie tomorrow! I think I'm gonna leave work early and go see it. One of my managers said he didn't think I would like that show because the characters seem really shallow and I seem too deep. I assured him that I am very shallow.

I should have commented on this before I knew what you thought of the movie. Sorry. *blows kisses*
You're very shallow in a good way. But you don't like magazines. *nods* And you're possibly a Mennonite.

"And also, get off my lawn you kids with your skateboards and flying rollershoes when I was your age I zzzzzzzzzzzzz........"

Ahahahahaha! You damn kids ...

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