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Stock-All these witchy things

She wouldn't leave without saying goodbye.

There's a fire burning in the Santa Cruz mountains. The air is disgustingly smoky. Like, you can smell it in the garage.

That said, I got an amazing amount of non-essential stuff done today. I got my toes done. They look great. I got my hair done. I had it cut a little bit differently this time and I think I really like it. Cole stayed up until 2:00 am at the birthday party he went to last night and was then up by 5. He's just like me. However, that means that he was way tired today and the two of us took a 2 hour-ish nap. Yes, I love my naps.

Cole and I are planning on visiting jenah and her son tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers for a Firefly marathon.

For some reason I've been dealing with nothing but problems at work over the last two days even though I'm not there. I LOVE being a manager sometimes.

Now I'm done.

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These musings on work remind me of when my brother talks about his work. He is a manager at credit bureau call center.
Every time he talks about it, he always seems to start with the same phrase - "Work is going to suck today."
I have this urge to one day interrupt him.

Brother - "Works is going to ... "
Me - "... suck."
Brother - "Want to go in and do my job for me?"
Me - "Pass."

I know WAY too much about what is going on in that place. I don't want to have anything to do with it.

Where I am at, usually smoky air means someone is doing a barbecue in their backyard. O.o
Even though there actually are constant occurrences for wildfires in Texas, there just isn't enough vegetation around for it to cause a problem ...
... so far. O.o

It's usually wet enough in the Santa Cruz mountains so that we don't have fires up there, but it's been fairly dry this past year and ... well, it's burning.

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