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XF-Mulder & the OCD


Book #43 - Monster Nation by David Wellington - This is the sequel to Monster Island, but it tells of the origin of the zombie outbreak that led to Manhattan being overrun. Overall, it wasn't half as scary as the first, but it was wonderfully dark. Armless zombies gnawing on people, wild animals infected by the outbreak. Pretty gruesome stuff. Still, I think the first worked so well because you had no idea what had brought the world to that point. What had caused it? Was the entire planet infected? Was there any hope for the survivors? Addressing those questions (not all of them, mind you) strips away some of the blind horror of the first novel. I did enjoy the book and didn't have any gross zombie dreams last night, so that's a plus. I feel like I have to read the third book now to find out how it all ends. Are there going to be any survivors left? Or are we doomed as a species? Zombies! Coooooool.

Cole's playing with the Iron Man toys he bought this morning with one of his friends. That means that I'm going to start on book #44.