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Stock-Books-Stack of books

Start talking!

I had a shockingly good day at work. Shockingly good. No major problems. No major yelling by my manager. I think I might faint.

I did have a strange Starbucks day, however. I ended up going there 3 times today. THREE. Weird. And tasty.

I'm working on my next book and it's a zombie book and it's not half as scary as the last zombie book I read. However, I reserve the right to change that statement depending on whether I dream of zombies trying to gnaw off my arms tonight. What? I dream stuff like that often.

I was up so early this morning that I was able to watch Supernatural before leaving for work. I must say that I wasn't shocked by anything that happened. The hints that kept popping up seemed to be pushing toward the resolution they gave us. I will also say that I enjoyed the episode. Yes, I did.

I think I'm done for now.

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my day at work was okay. someone called from another branch and said they were sending someone over to our branch for a notary. when the customer came in she said that they told her they couldn't even open the acct first because they didn't have a notary. uh what? so i called them and cracked some heads. their loss though, the lady opened a pretty big acct.

anyway, i'm thirsty.

You were cracking skulls? Excellent.

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