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John's Ass

A new twist ...

See? I am sometimes correct.
Book #41 - Dark Desire (Carpathians Series Book #2) by Christine Feehan - Okay. This was a re-read. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Yes, it's my favorite Carpathians book. You know, because the hero Carpathian is all sexy and he has no memory and that's my vampire kink. Look, I'm not ashamed of it. My favorite Sookie Stackhouse book has the same basic story. Strong, virile vampire-type hero loses his memory and has to accept the help of the heroine to make it through the book. What's wrong with that?


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I say there's nothing wrong with that, and wow, ultra-specific kink.

It is pretty specific, isn't it? :)

And totally helps with the book recommending and holiday shopping needs. The reading world divides fairly neatly into your kink vs not your kink. Not really any grey areas.

Now, just to be clear, it doesn't have to necessarily be a vampire that's lost his memory. It could be a werewolf. Or an aristocratic vampire. Or a fae warrior. Or ... you know, something big and brawny who would otherwise be at the top of his game.
I'm just saying.

Wait, question: you're just big into amnesia?

This is such an interesting insight into your brain. Your tasty, tasty brain.

Not all amnesia. Not so much with girl-amnesia. I like boy-amnesia. It makes it more fun.

My brain is tasty. And delicious.

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