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DW-Rose-Her smile could light up the wor

What'd you say?

My sister bought some Indiana Jones books for her classroom and then realized that they were a bit too old for her students. So, she gave them to Cole. He started reading Raiders yesterday. Naturally, that means that I had to throw in my Raiders DVD today because we're reading the freaking book. It had to be done. HAD TO! Yeah. I'm watching it right now. Win!

Oh, my interview in Oakland? I'm not so sure about it. Firstly, it sounds like the actual job wold be in Oakland and I have no urge to commute 2 hours each way in rush hour traffic. None. Plus, Oakland scares me. People get shot there. A lot. To make a long story short, I'm fairly sure I won't be accepting the job even if it's offered. Oakland: It's everything you've heard it is.

Also, I got lost getting back to the freeway. Yes, I have a GPS. Yes, I was using it. Somehow I ended up in a left turn only lane and I couldn't get over and I had to turn left and all the streets are one way and they never seem to be the way I need to go. It could have turned out badly but it didn't. You know, because I eventually found the freeway and made my way back home.

I'm almost done with book #41. Maybe tonight. Definitely tomorrow.

That is all.

PS - Is anyone else really, really wanting Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii? Because I'm looking at it and ... I want it.

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(Deleted comment)
they were retarding the parking lot
Retarding? Awesome.

Yeah. I remember. I still maintain that there was a back door (re)entry. We just missed it. Several times. Ha!

Only thing I am starting to crave is the Wii Fit. And for some reason, I am going to wait for after the launch date to get it. I decided to avoid all the pre-order hype.

I keep seeing the little lego guys running around acting all Indy-like and I just want it!

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