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Stock-Books-Stack of books


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Heroes-Claire is just lovely today

Oddly enough ...

Cole and I went to visit jenah and her son today. Dudes. Jenn helped me catch up on many of the shows I'd missed this week. BSG, Supernatural, The Office and Lost. PLUS, we watched National Treasure 2 and Cloverfield (which the kids decided to watch with us and talked through ... hmmph). All in all, I felt that it was a good viewing day.

While driving home this evening, I was thinking about songs that have a line or two that make me do a creative little jig. You know, that one line that POPS out at you and makes you think. I think that I'm going to think on this overnight and post some of my all time favorite lines from random songs tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. Still, I'm going to do it. Plus, oddmonster kinds, sorta (but not really) tagged me for a book meme. I just realized that I'd never put that up. Isn't it fun when the journal entries write themselves?

So there you have it ... books and music! Woot!
I'm out!

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(Deleted comment)
No breakfast in bed. In fact, he decided to "clean" his toy closet. Which basically means that I had to clean it for him. Blah.

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