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DW-Tardis-Take me away

Fluffy and hand made!

I've watched almost all of my shows from this week. I have Supernatural and The Office left. I'm almost impressed with myself. Almost. I thought Lost was very good and I'm sorry that iron_knife is going to have to stop watching soon (To quote the most quotable movie in the history of forever ... "Eric may be right."). BSG was ... sweaty. Lots of sweaty, manly arms for me to look at. What happened in the episode anyway? Just kidding. I totally watched it, like, 10 minutes ago. It rocked. With the sweaty arms. And the ... sweaty arms.

In kinda weird work news, my manager totally bailed today at 12:30-ish. I totally wasn't expecting that. It made for a nice afternoon. It's funny how when my manager isn't there I manage to get 3 times the amount of stuff done as when he is there. Go figure.

My foot hurts.

I think I have all the episodes from the current season of Doctor Who on tap. I'm very tempted to get caught up with that. You know, that show just hasn't been the same for me since Rose left. As you can probably tell by the mood theme and icons. That Rose Tyler. She's a hoot. Even though she can look kinda weird sometimes. Still, I've been hearing good things about this season, so the thought is percolating in my head to watch it. Tonight it's really percolating. It's like, "I'm making coffee, here! Watch me! I'll caffeinate your brain!" How can I deny that? Coffee-brain!

I'm still convinced that I can finish book #38 this weekend. I think that if I want to accomplish this I'm going to have to do some reading. It's a thought.

I'm done now.
Simple, right?

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yea, i've only seen maybe 4 dr. who episodes. half with rose, half without. i prefer + rose episodes.

+ rose!

Rose rocks.
I will (still) gladly sacrifice myself and watch Doctor Who with you. I have no problem with that.

(Deleted comment)
Hmm ... already dead! Interesting. I was just thinking that she's either going to die within the next couple of episodes or she was dead as of the end of the last one. Seeing her daddy? Creepy.

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