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I'm sticking with you ...

My allergies are trying to kill me today. I think they're affecting Cole as well because I had to pick him up early from school today. He has itchy eyes and a headache. Which is what I'm dealing with at the moment. It's awful. Blech.

Despite that pesky allergy thing, I had a very productive day. I went to Target and bought a bunch of things I forgot to buy over the weekend (mainly bandaids and children's Tylenol. In my defense, I didn't know I'd need bandaids until I used them all up on my gross-a-roo burn). Then I went to Trader Joe's and bought all my veggies! Then I picked Cole up from school (extremely early) and my mom and I dropped off our application for the house. Then Cole and I lounged around and watched National Treasure 2 (which I liked quite a bit) and now we're in the middle of Cloverfield (which is pretty cool so far). In between all that stuff I managed two loads of laundry, ran and unloaded the dishwasher and made chicken that did not burn my fingers. Seriously? I was a beast today.

Oh, I keep meaning to mention that I read an article that was talking about the wonders of napping during the day. The best part about it was when they cautioned people to keep their naps to no more than 90 minutes because longer could cause problems falling asleep in the evening. Dudes. I nap whenever possible. I also routinely take 2+ hours during these naps. I kid you not. I'm a marathon napper. I also never have problems falling asleep at night. Does this make me abnormal? Excellent.

I think that's all. Oh, except that I wanted to mention that I posted every day in the month of April! I rock. I'm also totally stuck on my 37th book. Not because the book's bad or anything, more because I've been working crazy hours and have zero drive to read in my down time. However, this means that I've fallen behind on my goal to read 10 books a month. I'll have to pick up the pace soon or I'm not going to hit my final goal.

I think I'm done for real now.

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I adore the fact you write every day. It gives me something to look forward to.

And you are physically getting abused lately. O.o

I have seen Cloverfield like 5 times already.

Wow! I just finished Cloverfield and I can totally see why you've watched it several times. It was really tense. And good. I can't wait to see what extras are on the DVD.

I find that if I skip a day on journaling I feel like my day's incomplete. Weird? maybe. But it's the way it is. However, I'm glad that someone besides myself looks forward to my daily journal.

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