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Roswell-Girl Friends!

This whole place ...

I went to dinner with malkovich03 after work. FUN! She finally decided to return my calls and we managed to cross paths. She always has the most random work stories to tell. Sometimes I wonder how so many bizarre things can happen to one person. If any of you ever corner her in a room, make her tell you the story of the secret santa/white elephant gifts her bank exchanged at Christmas. Now, that's a good story.

I think I ate too much at dinner. My stomach still feels full. Sadly, I barely made a dent on what I ordered. That'll teach me to order the sampler platter.

I am done now.

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dinner was fun! thanks! and it wasn't my fault about the calls, i promise!

i still can't believe how old cole looks in the photo on your tv. geez!

I'm just teasing about the calls. I know you'd never ignore my calls. NEVER! :)

He does look so old. *sigh*

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