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Lost-Sawyer- F!

C'mon, genuis!

In the interest of me, I'm going to keep this short.

I, quite foolishly, decided that today would be a GREAT day to break in a new pair of shoes for work. I was very wrong. WRONG! WRONG. Wrong. I spent half the day with no shoes on at all because I couldn't stomach the thought of putting them back on. That's right. I took them off for some stupid reason (maybe to adjust a strap) and I JUST COULDN'T PUT THEM BACK ON. Naturally, the guys started up with the "Carny Kelly" jokes. If you can believe this, the guys say that I'm freak-show carnival height without my heels on. Jerks. Okay, fine. It IS funny, but still. Freak-show carnival height. Sheesh.

In other news that's oddly related, I have a blister on my foot. Not wanting the blister to get any bigger and/or become gross and carnival sized, I have a bandage on it. The bandage is nearly the size of my palm. This is especially funny because the blister is about the size of a pea. My pedicure looks GREAT, though!

I'm done now.

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I am on the verge of getting new shows myself - probably tomorrow.

My thing is I will walk so much that I will wear out the inside area for the heel, and then my heel ends up rubbing against hard plastic. My right foot heal is actually eaten up right now.
I will wear out a given pair of walking shoes in like 6 months.

By no means am I obsessed with shoes or anything, but I bought another pair because I don't think I can wear that one pair to work until they're broken in a bit more and I needed shoes that matched my new suit. Shoes! Yay!

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