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If the tank is rockin' ...

For those of you who live where gas prices are relatively cheap ... I paid $3.95 a gallon this morning for mine. Since I have to drive to Pleasanton tomorrow for a conference I decided to fill up even though I was half full. yeah. $30+ later ...

I was toying with buying a HD plasma screen TV for my room but I've since come to my senses and realized that I'm still thinking of buying a house and I really don't need to be buying frivolous things like pretty, pretty TVs. I'm not going to do it. Besides which, it won't stop with a TV. I'll have to buy a Blu-Ray player and a better sound system and I'm not going to do it.

Sometimes I wonder why people like ranch dressing so much. I seriously can't even stand the smell of it. Much less the taste. Blech. Yet, everything that requires dipping sauce seems to come with some sort of ranch by-product. Buttermilk ranch? No thanks. Dill ranch? I'll pass. One day one of my co-workers spilled ranch dressing on the floor by my desk (don't ask) and I was forced to make gagging noises for a hour or two until the smell went down. Yuck, yuck, double-yuck.

In conclusion, San Dimas High School Football RULES and I don't like ranch.

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ranch is pretty good. i don't really care for it on salads, i pretty much only like it as a dip. my friend nadine makes it from scratch and it is so delicous. i like bleu cheese dressing way better though.

but, i don't really eat either of them on a regular basis. i think the last time i had bleu cheese dressing was about a year ago, and i can't even remember the last time i had ranch. oh, i think i remember. it was a couple of months ago, when i was working at the bank on a saturday and i had a pizza. sometimes i like to dip the pizza in ranch. i would have preferred bleu cheese (yes, even for pizza) but they didn't have any. whatever that's about.

am i done now? uh, yea.

You're wrong. ranch is not good. It's poo. Blech.
However, bleu cheese (it's hard to type that!) is rather good. I really prefer honey mustard on salads. Or my pear vinaigrette from Trader Joe's. But I digress.
I'm off to TJ's now. Later!

I paid $3.39 the other day (which is now up $.15) and I think it came to $46 and it wasn't even empty. I need a Prius now, thanks, and not a Jeep. Eep!

I love ranch dressing. But, really, only to dip things in and only certain ranch. Chili's is the best.

All I've been hearing for weeks is how we need to buy a Blu-Ray player. I do want one but they're still fairly pricey, aren't they?

Edited at 2008-04-23 05:13 pm (UTC)

I get pretty decent gas mileage, but this is getting ridiculous!

The Blu-Rays seem to be coming down a bit in price but they're still up there. The thing that gets me is that the discs themselves are more expensive (sometimes quite a bit more) than normal discs. If I got a Blu-ray player would I be compelled to replace my current DVDs? Because that's a lot of DVDs. *nods* I just don't think I quite have the money yet.

Ah! From what I hear from the boy, the Blu-Rays play your other dvds and they make them BETTER! Which, SCORE! That was my argument against - I was like I can not afford to replace all the shows I have (I'm not even concerned about the movies) and he said it would play them. I think I heard them say that on the commercial that's on the dvds now.

I've heard that also, but I'd have this OCD-urge to replace what I could and ... you know, I can control that urge. Maybe I'll do it once the house thing is figured out.

I think mine's somewhere between $3.20 and $3.30.

My car gets 39 mpg right about now so I am not as hard pressed as most people. Within a few weeks, my job relocates to a new location and my daily commute to work will be cut in half from 40 minutes to 20 minutes. So my gas bill will get even better soon.

I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of fuel efficient cars as I had always figured the big vehicle/gas guzzler trend of the recent past was always quite short sighted. I knew something like this was going to happen. Although, I would have not predicted for the energy crisis to have happened so soon like this. It's like a perfect storm of factors are pumping the price of gas up.
And my prediction is, that it will get worse. The price will never go be the same again, and it could go higher and higher over the next few years.

What type of car do you drive. Seriously, that's great mileage!

I have a 1996 Saturn SL.
It is the manual stick shift, low-end version. It has nothing with the word "power" in it's description. So no power steering, windows or brakes. I just didn't trust having a lot of electronics in an American made car.
What little electronics that were there, I already had to do repairs on already. Bah.
I was attracted to the very low price, which was good for my first car purchase, and the gas mileage. It was advertised THEN as having 40 mpg on the road and 32/34 in the city.
My brother says it's weird that I still have my first vehicle. He has owned 4 different cars in the same time span.

What helps me is I drive when there is no traffic, and I consistently drive 45 mph to 55 mph with only a couple of stops within a 40 minute driving period. This kicks me towards the road drive fuel efficiency range.
I also drive fairly conservatively, which helps.
Like when I drive home at night after work which is like after midnight), I play a game to keep my mind occupied where I time the lights and adjust my speed so I never have to stop at a red light.
There is hardly anyone around, so I don't really piss many people off driving slower than the speed limit on certain stretches of my commute.
There is a certain satisfaction of looking at a car that had been sitting at a light for like 1 to 2 minutes, and then you zoom right on by them at the light because I never had to put on the brakes before getting the green light. Technically, neither one of us are getting to our destination any faster - so why deal with stop and go traffic when you don't have to do it.
I don't mind pissing people off if I think they are being foolish. :P

I got gas last night actually, and it was $3.50 per gallon. :/

But I did get 41 mpg when I figured it out last night. O.o !!!

Times really have changed. Even though I loved fuel efficiency for like ... forever (inherited from parents who survived the past energy crisis of 1974 and 1981 and always got fuel efficient car themselves); in 1996 when I got my Saturn SL, I never actually cared to sit down to figure out my gas mileage as I am doing now on a regular basis and I thought SUVs were cool and wanted one.

My car is like 12 years old and worries me. I have vowed to never do another big dollar repair on it. I spent like $4000 in repairs in a single given year like in 2006. $4000 could have gone towards new car payments.
So now I do my research and TRY to do my own repairs if it's easy enough to do.
And I am doing constant mad research into new cars out there.
I am also doing pretend car payments. I set aside an amount of money each week with the full intent of never having to actually take out a car loan for my next vehicle. I don't feel like paying extra interest and I don't think I will want to be making new car payments and paying new car insurance rates at the same time.

I do plan on running my car into the ground and driving it for as long as I can.
I got the mp3 CD player installed in it and it gets me awesome gas mileage in today's SUV/truck crazy times.
I want this thing to work.

But if I was forced to do so ... so far my options for current replacement vehicle are the Honda Fit or the Mini Cooper.
Toyota Yaris gets an honorable mention, but I doubt I would get it.

My dream car would be clean diesel hybrid Mini Cooper S. Or something similar.
I want smallish, cute, fun, sportsy, and obscenely excellent gas mileage.

But I did get 41 mpg when I figured it out last night. O.o !!!

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