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SCC-Sarah the badass!


Dudes. I totally got yelled at today by a drunk guy with an overdrawn account. Apparently, I'm a bitch. Wait. Not just a bitch, a "fucking bitch". Whatever. His liver's probably eating itself as I type.

I do not have to work tomorrow. That's really, really, super nice. Woot! Cole and I are heading over to jenhaville's tomorrow. Movies! Yay!

It's time to help Cole write a story. Out!
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I hate when stuff like that happens, albeit I only ever had to deal with that with PC technical phone support.
I ended up quitting my last job because I decided I really was getting tired of being yelled at by people on a regular basis.
My patience was wearing thin on these occurrences when it was becoming obvious that since the mid 90s when I first started to do phone support, that people were getting ruder and ruder on the phones. It was just getting worse.
People tend to reveal far more about what they hate about themselves when they get ugly like that. Just because he took some superficial observations about you - like being female and decided to throw "bitch" out there - and made it sound like it was about you, it's a pointed comment at himself. As far as I am concerned, he didn't call you that. He just called himself a fucking asshole.

I'm totally not letting it get to me. The guy was drunk and stupid.
I do find it incredibly funny how protective of me all the guys at work are. They all rallied behind me and attempted to stare the guy down. FUNNY!

Awesome! I used to love stuff like that, spiced up the day. I had a guy yell at me this week also. We closed his acct awhile ago (long story) and when I told him we wouldn't reopen it, he was angry. Had a few choice words for me, and then asked me if it would make any difference if he told me he was a colonel, I said no, and he said 'oh you!' Really loudly.

Overall, it was pretty funny. I've been able to tell the story a couple of times now. Ha!
Oh, you!

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