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Psych-Gus is stealth

It's making sense ...

Book #35 - Lost and Found by Jayne Ann Krentz - As I started reading this one I had a niggling suspicion that I'd read it before. Sure enough, I have. However, since I didn't remember any part of who the killer was or how the mystery was solved I decided to keep going with it. It was fun, but nothing terribly outstanding.

So, I had the day off. I got my toes done and they look so good. Then I went to get my hair done. By the time I'd finished with that I had to jaunt over to Cole's school to pick him up. I did a lot of stuff today but I really don't feel like I got a lot done. Does that make sense?

Oh, man. Cole's tearing apart his toy closet because he ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE HIS POKEMON CARDS FOR TOMORROW! I've had to tell him a couple of times that he'd best get moving on his journey into the closet because it's almost time for bed.

In other completely unrelated news, I'm getting things started on looking for a house. Yikes! A house. Bought by me. Holy moly. I don't know if I'm old enough for this. :) It's kinda freaky the things you start considering as you get older. I honestly thought I'd never have the resources to buy a house of my own so this is monumental. YAY!

I'd best help the boy clean up the monstrous mess that's spilling into the hallway.