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Stock-Books-Stack of books


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Stock-Books-Stack of books

I know you tried your best ...

I was planning on having one of those "do nothing" days (even though I had one yesterday with jenah), but I ended up doing a lot. Let's see ... woke up, went to Target, took a shower, went to Trader Joe's (I need my veggies, you know!), went up to my grandma's to put together an entertainment center, came home and cleaned my room. The entertainment center was relatively easy to put together but putting all her electronics in an easy to reach and aesthetically pleasing manner into the entertainment center was starting to test my patience. However, it's done. Yay.

Now, cleaning my room. Good golly! This place was a mess. I straightened my closet a bit, cleaned off all the accumulated STUFF that migrates into my room and just generally got everything put away. Honestly, cleaning my room is the thing I'm most pleased with today. It's so pretty now. And I watched National Treasure while cleaning so that's a plus.

There you have it. My day at a glance.
It's almost time for Cole to go to bed.

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I had to look up "Trader Joe's" on the internet to find out what it was.
My equivalent is "Whole Foods," which I frequent quite often.

We have Whole Foods here as well, but I prefer Trader Joe's because they have excellent fresh produce and their prices are GREAT!

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