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Book #32 - All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris - OMG! A new Sookie Stackhouse novel! Life is good. I really enjoy this series. I'm not real keen on Sookie's newest squeeze (the weretiger, Quinn) but that's mostly because I'm rooting for the vampire Eric to sweep her off her feet when he's not an amnesiac. But I digress. Good series. Good book. Read it.

I have no words to describe how thrilling it was to read a book in a day. I thought I'd lost that precious skill. My precious!

Cole was "sick" today. He kept complaining of a stomach ache. Literally all morning. I caved and let him stay home, which meant that I didn't get to work until a bit after 12. Yikes. My manager was pretty cool about it though. Thank goodness. Especially after I left at 2 yesterday for my dental appointment. Still, I don't think Cole was as sick as he was claiming. He was downright perky by the time my mom got home and I left for work. Little bugger!

Alright. I have another book waiting for me! Later.