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Let's turn the world on end ...

Dudes. Buzzed typing is still drunk typing. I'm just sayin'. So, yeah. I had a good time at the branch dinner tonight. And yeah, 4 ciders make me a very happy Kelly. There was some slightly drunken giggling at completely stupid things. malkovich03 would have had an awesome time but she had to be all responsible and go to bed so that she can get to work early tomorrow. Holy, fuck! I can't type. I swear this keyboard is moving on me.

And on that note, I'm done!

Why do I always want to lick and/or bite people when I've had a few drinks? It doesn't matter who, I just want to.

Now I'm really done.
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Where is malkovich03 then to stop this entry?

Friends do let friends drink and type.

Ha! She was at home, can you believe it?!?! She decided that being all responsible was much more important than watching over her very best friend in the whole world to make sure she doesn't do something stupid (like lick a coworker). I still can't believe that. She'd better be sure that I'm going to mention this in the wedding speech I have to give. o_O

You have to give a wedding speech?
I sure hope it wasn't the fiance you licked.


Hahaha! I didn't actually lick anyone. I just wanted to.
And, yes, I have to give a wedding speech/toast. Yikes!

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