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DW-Rose-All boxed up with nowhere to go

Thusly do I speak ...

I'm sad. There's something wrong with my computer. :( It doesn't want to boot up all the way. So I'm stuck on my mom's computer (which is nowhere near as glorious as mine, plus it's really loud) and must wait until Sunday to do anything about it. Why Sunday? Because that's when my super, brilliant, completely awesome and computer savvy cousin is visiting and may be able to work out the kinks. I love my family.

Since I have no computer and Cole's out of town, I'm going out to dinner with some of the guys from work. I'll drown my sorrows in a glass (or two) of hard cider. That makes everything better.

Now I'm done.
Look. I have no music today. :(

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First, is it Mac or PC?

I can't make my own suggestions if it is Mac. I don't play with them.

If it is windows, where does it lock up and is there any error messages on it? Also is it Win XP?

I have done WAY too many PC tech support jobs. O.o

PC. The comp boots up to the desktop and everything looks okay, but when I try to click on any of the icons or programs nothing happens. It's like it's trying to load them but it can't.

Any suggestions?


Restart the computer and just start tapping F8.
Actually it might be easier to turn off the computer, and when you do turn it on. Start tapping F8.
Let me know if the PC is Sony, because Sony did a pricky thing and complicated F8 process a little.

What this should do is stop windows from loading and give you a choice on how to go into windows. It brings up an Advanced Menu (That is if you have XP).

Go ahead and choose "Safe mode." You can ignore "Safe mode with networking" for now. We would just need to go into Safe mode.

If you get asked which profile you want, go with "Administrator."

When you get to the windows desktop ...

With System Restore, you will want to restore the computer to an earlier date.
When you see the calendar, choose the CLOSEST date where you know everything was working correctly on the computer.
It will do the restore and then reboot the computer.

Goal is for it to come up and act exactly the way it did on that past date.
If it still has a problem or it says the restoration was incomplete, then the troubleshooting could start to get a teeny bit more complicated after that.

If you start tapping F8 on start, but instead you see some sort of error that gives you like two choices AND one of those choices asks if you want to delete "restoration data" ... then choose the option to delete restoration data. This will not delete any of your information and just might get it to boot up perfectly.

whoa whoa whoa. whoawhoa whoa. wait... whoa. careful around those work boys. kel + hard cider + hot guys = frisky! have fun!

It ended up being Devan, Damian, Josh and I. Awesome. My Berry Burst Cider was excellent! Plus, Dev and I checked out the book store before heading over to the restaurant (I ran in to him in the mall, go figure!). All in all, a pretty fun night. Except that I had to stand in line in the bathroom. I hate that. Why do girls take so long to pee? Do it and go. That's my philosophy. But you already know that.

yo, so im sittin at your desk...totally not working...and totally enjoying it. its time for pasta - diesel

yeah. I was totally standing next to him while he did this and I didn't realize it. That's how clueless I can be sometimes!

(Deleted comment)
i could only watch 3 seconds of that.

I made it through about a minute and then I couldn't anymore.

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