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Are you done?

I have been ordered by malkovich03 to journal. ORDERED. I kid you not. She's all sick and cranky and can't walk any great distance without getting dizzy and she thinks that my fantabulous journal will help get her through the day. Come to think of it, that's kinda sweet. I'll totally agree that my journal has that kind of power. It will bat away the grim hand of death and make you feel better. That should be my slogan. OMG! Mal totally made me think up my new life slogan! Awe.some.

Anyway. Here's to Mal feeling better. *throws happy thoughts in her direction as well as copious amounts of cold and flu medication* Drink tea (if you can), that always makes my family feel better.

I had one of those days at work. You know, one of those where you don't go to lunch until 2:30-ish and by the time you do go you've managed to offend everyone in the general vicinity because your blood sugar is low and you don't think before you speak. Or, in my case, yell. Yes, I got a wee bit snippy with some of my co-workers. My work BFF made me work hard to get him to talk to me again. Good thing we can't go more than a couple of hours without talking to one another. *g* I tried to not talk to him while we were driving to Starbucks but that was a little awkward since we were the only two sitting in the car. And then I was going to not say anything to him while we were ordering but I started laughing too hard which led to him laughing (even if it was just a bit). Anyway. We're good now. And we came to the agreement that neither of us actually violated the terms of the BFF Handbook so we can still be work BFFs. Awesome!

I have to get Cole to finish up his homework now. He loves to wait until 8 to do his reading. I don't know why.

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thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed your journal today

Thank you! I hope you're feeling better.

low blood sugar level is bad ... makes me so cranky too!

Lol. Yeah, but try telling that to your coworkers!

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