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Stock-Books-Stack of books

Do you want to be the alien?

I cut out early from work today. Like, at 11 this morning. I'd like to say that I'm totally sick but I think it's just my stupid allergies. Plus, a general "I don't want to be at work today" vibe. Bad, very bad.

So I napped (and I'm still freaking tired, dammit) and watched The Abyss (mostly while napping so I didn't really see it just kinda listened as I floated in and out of consciousness) and picked Cole up from school and made him do his homework. Then we watched Dragon Wars which is a pretty excruciatingly bad movie. Now I'm here.

I know that I lead an unbelievably exciting life. I KNOW! I try to tell myself to take it easy sometimes and I just can't. I keep watching those bad movies and making my kid do his homework. What's a mom to do?

In other completely unrelated news, I'm thinking of starting to look at houses to buy. Now I'm hearing that they (mortgage lenders) may be asking for even more money down then the 20% they used to require since home values are plummeting so quickly. Ahh, what the hell? I can come up with a little bit more cash to put down on my very own home. I hope.

That's all folks. Yes, I'm tapped. Maybe I need another nap. Or another movie. :)
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(Deleted comment)
Both Cole and I agree 100%. Dragons. They needed more dragons!

dude, I'm still sick. My fever has remained at 101.3 or above since Monday nite

Yikes. Take care of yourself. Seriously.

I downloaded that movie, Dragon Wars, but I could never get myself to watch it.

I should just delete it then after seeing these comments.

It might be wise. *nods*

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