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Psych-Gus is stealth

Let's see ...

Holy crap! I hadn't finished a single book thus far this month. That's terrible. Terrible! However ...
Book #30 - Morgawr (The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara Book 3) by Terry Brooks - As a general rule I've enjoyed all the books in the Shannara series. This one was no different. I probably should have gone back and read the first 2 in this particular series before jumping in with both feet (especially considering I read them more than a year ago ... more like 2 years ago), but I liked it. Even though it took me a bit before I remembered who was who. Shannara! Woot!

I spent a whole lot of quality time today with my mom and grandma. We went shopping at Costco and Trader Joe's and had a nice lunch at Eric's Deli. Nice. Speaking of Costco. I scored Supernatural season 2 for a mere $18.99. Sweet. I also picked up Veronica Mars season 3 (also for $18.99), I Am Legend (2 disc collector edition!) and The Abyss (love that movie!). All in all, a pretty good shopping day.

Of course, all that movie buying means that I had to rearrange my dvds. Honestly, I look for any excuse to do that. I also had 3 books that were hanging out without a permanent home and I did some minor rearranging of the new bookcase to get them where they needed to be. I'm obsessed with that bookcase.

I'm done now. I'm going to read my 31st book tonight. Just kidding. It'll take me a day or two. :)