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Stock-Books-Stack of books

Don't forget!

I accidentally fell asleep after work today. Oops. That means that Cole took complete advantage of the situation and played his DS for an hour instead of finishing his homework. Who has two thumbs and was was not pleased when they woke up? This girl. Now his stomach is hurting him and he's moaning on the bed behind me. I'm mighty tempted to blame the FOUR tacos he ate for dinner. Four tacos. You'd think the kid was growing or something.

Anyway. I have tomorrow off work. yay! Except that having Tuesday off sucks. You still have so many days left in the week. You know? I was almost going to switch my day off to Wednesday, but I don't want to go to work tomorrow. So I won't.

Speaking of work, I'm giving annual reviews to all my tellers. As I pointed out to one of the girls, it's easy to give good reviews. I get to say stuff like "I really enjoy working with you" blah, blah, blah. It's a lot harder when the reviews aren't so good. "Well, you need to work on your interactions with your coworkers." FUN! Somehow I managed to do the easy reviews today. That's good until you realize that the bad ones are waiting behind the bleachers with a baseball bat and a pair of pliers. Ouch. Those are gonna hurt!

Since I don't have a pressing need to be up early, I think I'll go watch a movie. Toodles.
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I'm not working tomorrow either, but I'm laying on the couch with a fever of 101.3 right now so I doubt I'll be doing anything

Are you feeling better yet?
I bought apple carrot juice because you were talking about it the other day. It's pretty good.

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