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Stock-Books-Stack of books


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Stock-Books-Stack of books

This could only be pulled off by a master!

I don't feel terribly exciting tonight. Probably because I've done nothing today besides work. Blech. I didn't even do anything fun at work. Double blech. Speaking of work, is it bad when you go to the Starbucks by your work and they greet you by name? Now, I do see the manager daily because she brings in the deposit, but that's beside the point.

Have I mentioned that Hailey is driving me crazy at the moment? CRAZY. Like a fox. Cole's just trying to watch his cartoon and she's picking on him. Grrrr.

I have a few more movie reviews I want to add to blabapalooza. I always have fun writing them, even though it seems to take me forever to get them from my head to the screen. Such is the life.

Daylight Savings tomorrow. I hate this one. It makes us lose an hour and the weekend already seems so damn short. Especially when I work on Saturday.

I think I'm done.

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it's actually daylight saving time. i read a whole thing about it on the internet. try saying daylight saving though. i have a really hard time not adding the 's'

so, when should we get together for dinner? want to tomorrow maybe? kurt and his friend louis will be watching 'the wire' on tv from 4 to 6:30p. perfect amount of time for an early bird dinner...

I'm assuming by "tomorrow" you mean Sunday. Yes? If so, that sounds good. If not, I'm confused.

(Deleted comment)
The terrorists.
How many combat drops?

it's daylight savings for you guys already? i need to check when ours is!

Yeah. It's hella early this year. And this weekend was soooooo short. /whines

Think of DST this way: it's lighter when you get home from work. That is why I love it, even if I do lose an hour. It means its still light by the time Jason gets home and he can take the kids outside. LOL!

True. I'll listen to your wise words. Lighter. Yay!

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