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Whoa. Good DVD player.

Cole and I have been in TV watching HEAVEN today. We bought a DVD player that can play avi files straight off my flash drive. Do you know what this means? It means I can watch everything I download on my TV now instead of on my computer! This is completely awesome. It also means that we did nothing today besides watch TV. Well, I did manage to get a nap in there, but we really didn't do anything else. Awesome.

FYI, I'm getting a little sick of watching Pokemon at this point. I think we've watched 2 movies today alone. *sigh*

I ... nope, I don't really have anything else to talk about. My brain has been consumed. Mwahahahahaha!


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(Deleted comment)
Oh. That was ... I couldn't have sat through that without laughing. I think that was an older white guy's attempt to reach out to the young, hip crowd. o_O

Edited at 2008-03-03 04:25 pm (UTC)

Oh? What DVD player did you buy?

Personally, I am obsessed with playing internet files over to my TV.
I have been totally manipulating my Playstation 3 to playing AVIs now.
I am running a TV server off of my PC and streaming the files over to it.

It's a Philips dvp5960. It runs about $70 at Target but just being able to play the avi files straight from my flash player made it well worth the price.

I have had a Philips DVD player that played XviD AVIs for a few years now. I love the post filter processing that made everything so crisp and vivid in picture quality.
But I just retired it in favor of my PS3.

(Deleted comment)
Oh! Ahahahahahaha! I just watched the season finale and I would have been DRUNK OFF MY ASS if I had played this while watching. o_O
I really do hope it gets picked up for another season. I was DIGGING the finale (and all the other eps!)!!!!!

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