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Those people look really tiny ...

And another day has gone by where I didn't get those reviews up at blabapalooza. Seriously, I was planning on writing them today. And yet ... no. In fact, I watched half of a movie I'd seen before and then I took a little nap (where I dreamed about talking cats ... but that's another story) and then it was time to pick Cole up from school. Wait. I did my weekly grocery shopping before my movie watching.

I've become such a slug lately.

I think my brain is sleeping right now. :/

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Talking cats? OK, that sounds interesting. O.o

My dreams have been so weird lately, too. I dunno, Kel. What's wrong with us? :) The other night I dreamed, that in my accident, I not only got my nasty scar, but also the ability to see into the future...and manipulate time with my cellphone!

I watched a great movie last night I needta review...if I only had the time!

Dude. At least you could see the future and manipulate time. I got talking cats. *facepalm*

I think the technical term is "recharging".

I think it might be just "charging". We dropped the "re" a while back. ;)

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