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DW-Rose-Big hair


Here are some random pictures of my bookcases before and after the great reorganization of '08. I think I'm going to cut these because I have no idea how big they are.


I was trying to get both the shelf above the TV and the bookcase next to it in one shot, hence the weird angle.


It might be hard to tell but it's much neater now. All the DVDs that were packed to the ceiling on the upper shelf have relocated to the new bookcase in the family room. Oh, and there's Hailey! Doesn't she have pretty hair?!?


A closer look at the bookcase behind my door. I am being dead serious when I say that squeezing another book into that mess would have taken a quest of epic proportions.


See? Now there's so much more room. I don't know why I took this picture at such a weird angle. Or why I left that Target bag full of candy sitting on the bottom shelf.


Oh, the foot of my bed. This area is a mess. Those are DVDs on top of the bookcase and on the first shelf. Cole's books are on the bottom shelf. The closet has a virtual TON of movies hiding away on that bottom shelf in there.


It's kinda hard to tell, but this area is so much neater. All the DVDs on the bookcase have been dispersed about and a large portion of the DVDs in the closet have moved. The bookcase is purely for Cole's books now and I didn't know he had so darn many to his name!

Here's the new bookcase in all it's bookish glory. The 4th shelf is DVDs from end to end but all the other shelves have nothing but BOOKS!

Just so you can see how massive the new bookcase is, here's a perspective shot of the family room.

So, there you have it. Lots of books. Lots and lots of books.

I'm very pleased that Cole has nearly all of his vacation homework done already. Yay!
I'm out!

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looks good! what did you do with that other bookcase that was in the family room?

It's currently sitting shelf-less in the living room. We're going to put it somewhere for Heather for when she movies out.

I know.
I'll be in my bunk.

I'll be in your bookcase.

Bwahahahaha! You totally win. Well played, my friend. Well played.

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