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This is how the wind blows ...

Today was supposed to be my cushy, get everything done before vacation day. IT REALLY WAS! But no! I'm so tired of people calling in sick and .... I can't even finish my sentence because I'm so wiped out after being the only manager in the store for the entire day. Gah!

I had a dream last night about giant saws cutting through the walls of my room to slice my head up. Or off. I wasn't too clear on that part. Still, GIANT SAWS! COMING TO SLICE ME! Seriously, that dream scared the crap out of me. I don't want to be dreaming about rampaging saws. Give me a good Zombie horde any day. *shudder*

I'm bitchy and short tempered today and I'm so ready for vacation. I really don't have enough words that I can call upon to express how ready I am.

Therefore, I shall go.

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I tend to have apocalyptic dreams where all of a sudden I am in the middle of some tragedy about to unfold. But no one knows what is going on and everyone is panicking.
I blame episodes of "Lost" and "Jericho."

However, I am getting very good at shifting the dream into this crossover state where I am half awake and half asleep. It's not as hard as it sounds. Once a nightmare starts to wake you up because it's just too scary, you pull back into the dream ... but just a little.
Once I am half awake, I start manipulating the dream/nightmare to go my way.
For example, I might be able to move myself out of the way of the saw and find the person trying to hack me to death. And then take a saw to them.
I have dramatically reduced the number of nightmares I have had by doing this.

I usually don't have nightmares at all. I think that gross Zombies creeping after me to kill me is the most excellent fodder for stories that I can find.

When I do have nightmares, they scare me to pieces. It's actually pretty cool.

Hello! Next week do u want to have lunch?

I do. Cole will probably be with me, though. Is that cool?

of course. thursday, do you want to come up to palo alto? we could go to palo alto sol again. or the counter. both places would have stuff cole would like i'm sure.

Sounds good. I'll have to call you for directions. Again. I'm so directionally retarded.

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