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SotD-Zombies are Love-big

Remember all I heard ...

My family has a little ritual-type thing that we do every Sunday. We all get up early (not at all uncommon in my house, let me tell you), head out to Target for our weekly shopping and stop at Starbucks before leaving for home. Every Sunday we do this. I kid you not. Since I had to go to Target on my day off on Thursday I bought my weekly necessities (mostly consisting of turkey and cheese for Cole's lunches and yogurt for mine) and was able to sleep in this morning. But wait, someone ask me what "sleeping in" really means in my house. C'mon, you know you wanna! Okay. I was awake at 7 this morning. Cole and I lazed around until about 8 and then got up and showered so we'd be ready for the brunch at my Grandma's house. It was nice, don't get me wrong, but I was really hoping that I'd be able to actually sleep until 8 or so and not feel guilty about it. :P

I've finally decided that I going to buy the bookcase that I'm in love with from Costco. The only reason I've been holding off is that it's too big to fit into my car so I'll have to have it delivered. Blech. But it's the only one I've really been taken with in all my looking and the price is absolutely excellent. Before anyone mentions it, I did check Costco's online site and they don't carry the one that I want. Otherwise I would have gone that route ages ago.

I have one more week of work then I'm off for a week. Ye, Gods! That makes me happy. I'm getting seriously burnt out with all the stuff that's been happening at work lately.

I've listened to all my music within the last 2 weeks. Every single song. Say what you will, I'm totally impressed with myself.

Hailey and I watched the 3rd Jurassic Park again. It's totally hitting the spot as far as movies go right now. I've been in the mood to watch slightly atmospheric, somewhat scary, the dialogue's not the best but I still have a good time watching it movies. C'mon, that totally fits JP3. I also admit that having entire scenes set in abandoned buildings (especially if they've been used for some sort of genetic experimentation) sends me into delighted giggles. There's just something about abandoned buildings.

I think I've just about said everything I can say for today.

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(Deleted comment)
Umm ... that's not what they say. You might want to re-visit those old sayings. Or something.

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