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Heroes-Red umbrella in the rain

I must be getting close!

Another day, another ... day. Strangely, it wasn't half bad. Weird. Since I've been home Hailey and I have watched the 2nd Jurassic Park movie (completing the trifecta begun earlier this week - Yes, we watched them out of order ... 3, 1, 2. Deal with it!) and I've finished my book ...

Book #23 - Crimson Rogue by Liz Maverick - 6th in the Crimson City series and one of the best. Well, it was the best of the last. Or something. I wasn't really keen on the 5th book so maybe I'm just letting that last experience affect the entire series. Anyway. This book revolves around Cyd Brighton, one of the characters who mysteriously disappeared in an earlier book, and how she finds a way to seal the breach between the demon world and human world. Oh, she also falls in love with a mech (half man, half machine) and has some of the sex. Hmm, it would seem that many of my latest books have them having lots of the sex. And that's just the way I like it. :)

I finally managed to lure Cole off the computer by putting cartoons on. Such is our life. Yeah, it's awesomely fun!

Tomorrow, the fam is heading up to my grandma's house for a pancake brunch. Coooool. I've been tapped to make the pancakes. Be afraid. Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!

I'm done now.

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Wait, there's a book of short stories? I can't keep up.

Lol! It's called Shards of Crimson. :) See? I'll keep you running at top speed!

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