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Stock-Books-Stack of books


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Stock-Books-Stack of books

You callous monsters!

Oh, yawn. Cole's found this online game that he loves to play and it's kinda hard to get comp time now. *sigh* At least I have plenty of time to read.

Book #22 - Monster Island by David Wellington - New York's been overrun. By Zombies. Cooooool. See? Now this is my idea of a Zombie book. There's blood and guts and a small army of schoolgirl soldiers who are determined to complete their mission and find medication for their country. Did I mention the uber-Zombie who has found a way to control the other Zombies? Yeah. He's all brainy and stuff. *shudder* What bliss. I highly recommend this to people who have weird Zombie dreams wherein there's a lot of head-chopping. Like me. :)

I have to work tomorrow. Blah. It makes my head want to fall off my shoulders. Or maybe that was the last Zombie book. Huh.

I'm done.

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i have to work today too. but i have the added excitement of being hungover as well. stupid kamikazes. and wine. and rum and coke. and vodka w/pomegranite juice. wow.

I totally can't remember; did you wind up reading World War Z?

(In other words, you need a book review index)

I did read it. It was very good.
I have all my books listed on my GoodReads profile! :)

Glad I could ease your mind.

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