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Stock-Books-Stack of books

The future is here!

Book #21 - Beyond the Valley of Thorns (The Land of Elyon Book 2) by Patrick Carmen - I'm almost thinking that I should have gone back and re-read book 1 of this series before jumping into this one since I read it over a year ago (more like 2, I'm thinking) and I had a really hard time remembering who was who and what had happened to get us to the point we were at. However, I persevered and read through and I'm still a little hazy on what happened in book one but I totally remember all the characters now. Rock on, me! Anyway. Alexa is a young girl who has been chosen by a God to rid her land of an evil seraph. She's given a whole slew of people and animals to help her on her quest and a stone that gives her guidance. Yes, a stone. This isn't the best series I've ever read in this genre, but it's entertaining and it didn't take me long to get through this book. And I already have the 3rd queued up and ready to read. After I finish my Zombies take over the world book. :)

I had the day off today (this is because I'm working my 3rd Saturday in a row!) and I ran a lot of errands. Mostly of the food shopping variety. I also did laundry and baked Cole muffins for breakfast. Awe.some.

I'm really, really itching to get back to my Zombie book. This is the one I put off because I was all Zombie freaked out after reading World War Z. It's really good, though. I'm tempted to buy the next 2 in the series. But I'm holding off because I've been going a little crazy with the book buying lately and I still don't have a new bookcase and I'm totally out of room. Cool.

Back to my book.