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Lost-Evie-Freckles and all

On a completely random note ...

Our damn fish is still alive. How? Why? It lives it's life upside down!! That can't be comfortable.

I really like Ghost Hunters International. Cole does also. I like that they try their hardest to debunk some of these ghostly sightings and half the time they can't. They're just all "Yeah. We believe you're house/bar/hotel/creepy farm is haunted." Dude. That's so cool.

I'm trying to cut back on coffee. I did an awesome job of giving up soda last year but I found that I've doubled my normal coffee intake. Damn. So, now I'm going to go back to limiting how often I can get a tasty Starbucks. Damn. Since my coffee drinking revelation happened I've found that I've been drinking gallons of tea. Gallons. It's a good thing I love tea or this could be a problem. It does pose another question ... Will I find myself trying to cut back on tea soon? I hope not.

I've almost finished my next book. :) I way outdid myself this month. I was only aiming for 10.

I'm done now.

ETA- Book #18 - 4th of July by James Patterson - These are still incredibly fast reads. I liked this one. It introduced a new character that looks to be sticking around and there was a lot of murder. Word!

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you know what? i gave up drinking sweet fizzy drinks, mostly coke, last year for about a month and a bit. if i drank one i only had it once a week. and guess what? i think i lost a good half stone or so! which is just bizarre, so i'm trying it again! i've put on weight because i've been lazy and not actually done any excercise. but i'm doing excercise and giving up coke! yay me!

Yay you!
I found that it was easy to give up soda. Coffee? Not so easy. Especially on those days where I stayed up a bit late and am tired.
Still, I'm going to try.

i'm pretty good when it comes to coffee, at work i drink jasmine tea instead of tea or coffee. though i'm not the biggest coffee drinker in the world, i'm picky about my coffee!

I drink tea every morning but I'm ready for a coffee after lunch. It doesn't help that we have a Starbucks in 3 directions from my work. Any way I go I run into one. *headdesk*

I am actually not a big tea drinker, just the morning green tea. And I don't like coffee.
So I have resigned myself to drinking copious amounts of water daily now.

I love tea. I always described myself as a tea-drinker (as opposed to a coffee drinker) until I realized that I go to Starbucks waaaaaayyyy to often. :)

Good for you on the water. I'm not so good with that. :(

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