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SotD-Zombies are Love-big

What do all you pirates say?!?!

Dudes. I'm having a much better day than yesterday. Much.Better. Like, worlds better. Eons better. Ghost Voyages better. Which reminds me to set my DVR. Ghosts! Anyway. Thanks for all the gentle head pats and good advice. It helped.

Today's title is from one of Cole's cartoons. There's also a line that should become a classic (it makes my head smile!) ... I have this weevil for a pet but it's pretty vicious. Sometimes I wonder what the people who write for cartoons are smoking. And sometimes I wonder why I haven't been tapped to help them.

I've decided to put my next Zombie book on hold (the one I'm going to read, not the one I'm going to write) because I'm having a slight case of Zombie fear. I've even taken to capitalizing Zombie every time I write it. It's taken on a life of it's own (pun intended). But seriously, if you start cataloging the contents of your cupboards after reading a Zombie-centric book because you're wondering if you have enough food and sundries to survive the next Zombie Apocalypse (please note the COMPLETE CAPITALIZATION of that one!) you know it's time to take a minor break.

I think I'm just going to read about some straight up murder. You know, the type with serial killers. Fun!

All this book talk makes me want to BUY THAT BOOKCASE! I want it. Whine, whine, whine.

Did I mention at any point in the past that I bought White Noise 2 but I'm a little scared to watch it because the first one was kinda creepy and the 2nd one has Nathan Fillion and I think he's going to be creepy because he's a good actor? Yes, this is a true story. I'm scared to watch a scary movie. *shakes head* I'm so ashamed. Maybe I'll watch it tonight. Or maybe I'll watch GHOST VOYAGE!!!! Because ghosts don't scare me as much as EVP. Weird.

I'm done now.

What the hell? I don't have a "zombie" tag. I shall remedy that right now!

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I've seen those. Like I said, I tried to watch a few episodes and I couldn't get through it. I think it's so weird that we always seem to have such different tastes in TV shows yet we share a FREAKING BRAIN! Weird.

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